Welcome to Hipparion in Romania!
Come and experience an unforgettable trail-riding adventure at the heart of Europe’s most beautiful wilderness, in Transylvania. On the back of our sure-footed horses you will get to discover the mystical world of Romania’s Eastern Carpathian Mountains. The land of colorful flower meadows, ancient forests, bears and adventure awaits you. Whether you are looking for a one-week or several-week pack trip or just want to get a taste of our trails for a few days, our offer covers the whole variety of trail-riding.
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Anna from France about our New Years Ride

" What a fantastic holiday, I can't say what I loved more. The horses, the place and the people were amazing. Everyday we did lovely rides and we had wonderful gallops in the snow. The landscape was enchanting with beautiful snowcovered trees and lovely trails. In the...

News for bookings because of the Corona crisis

Dear friends, dear guests,we hope that you are all well out there and that you can manage with the current restrictions. In Romania, too, the measures to contain the virus have drastically tightened in the past few days. People over the age of 65 are prohibited from...