News for bookings because of the Corona crisis

Dear friends, dear guests,
we hope that you are all well out there and that you can manage with the current restrictions. In Romania, too, the measures to contain the virus have drastically tightened in the past few days. People over the age of 65 are prohibited from leaving their homes. There is a strict curfew for everyone else, the Romanian military controls the streets.
Of course we try not to lose courage and remain optimistic that everything may soon turn out for the better.

To all of you who have booked a trip with us this year that may not be possible due to the circumstances, our request to you:
Before canceling, please check whether you are able to postpone your trip to us later, either this year or next year. We currently have no income, but we have 16 hungry horses to look after. Added to this are running costs such as the wages of our workers.. Of course, all of your payments will remain valid.As soon as we will publish our dates for 2021, we will let you know!

Many thanks for your solidarity and compassion!

If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time.
By email at:
Or via Whats app: 004917661100830

And now to everyone:
Try to make the best of the situation and above all: Stay and get well!
We wish you all the best and send you warm greetings from our mountains!
Katrin and Csaba